Robots Boston Dynamics help in the fight against coronavirus in the United States

Famous robots Boston Dynamics is not the first strike all their abilities and how they cope with household tasks. Sometimes it seems that anything is possible. They can carry loads, walk, run, jump and even do parkour. But now in light of what is happening in the world, they found new challenges. They consist in the fact that the robots have helped doctors and the whole medical institutions in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19, which has brought our planet to the pandemic and has infected millions of people worldwide. Perhaps Boston Dynamics ā€” was just PR, but still, it looks very cool and the robots can be of some use. Even if she’s not going to be decisive, once she still will not.

In the Arsenal of robots Boston Dynamics has almost all the options.

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How do robots help in the treatment of coronavirus

According to the statements of most Boston Dynamics, her robots began to take an active part in the treatment of coronavirus among residents of the United States. However, they have only one hospital, which is located in Massachusetts. The staff of many hospitals appealed for help, and some even cited statistics according to which one-sixth part of the medical staff, which was engaged in the treatment of patients with coronavirus, is sick herself.

Such losses are unacceptable not only from a medical point of view, when doctors do not have, but also with a human. These people selflessly help others to recover, but the sick.

Unfortunately, according to statistics, the ventilator is not so effective against the coronavirus. In the United States recognized that the ventilator dies 88% of patients with coronavirus

It should not be and that is why Boston Dynamics began to actively seek a solution that can help staff to reduce the risk of infection. To do this, the programmers several weeks to analyze the basic needs of hospital staff in order to figure out how to program robots for assistance. Given the specificity of each institution and characteristics of the treatment COVID-19, they had to break down. The work is not finished and robots there is much to upgrade, but now the famous Spot walks the hallways of a hospital in Massachusetts and has been providing assistance.

It looks like the robot-dog Spot, which assists physicians.

Software robots Boston Dynamics

The robot is present in the hospital for two weeks and during that time has collected a lot of information for processing and subsequent use in the modernization of its systems. At the moment his duties are connected with telemedicine. Using the robot allows the physician to minimize contact with the patient. Spot just comes to him with a camera and a screen, and at the other end of the video sits a doctor who can communicate with the patient from a safe location. Of course, it will still have to go to the patient for a more detailed inspection, but it will be much safer than walking him several times a day. Moreover, these patients the doctor a lot.

Approximately so the robot can bring the iPad. That’s just it necessary?

A useful feature of robots is that they can work almost automatically and the doctor does not have to wait for the car to reach the next chamber. It is possible at this time to get in touch with the patient, which went to another Spot.

Also, due to the specific software, you can use attachments, which will provide robot. Such equipment can be attributed not only iPad, which was mentioned above, but also special lamps for disinfection of the territories. For example, the patient or the external territories, as do the robots in China.

The prospects for robots Boston Dynamics

The prospects of robots Boston Dynamics in the medical field can be attributed to the fact that with relatively small modifications, they can do much more useful work for the medical staff. Now we can only ask the patient how he’s doing, how he feels and whether he needs help man. It is also important work, but, in fact, it can be done on the phone or just install in each house the monitor and camera or from the iPad. Get even cheaper to run than a few robots.

If not enough, there are such robots.

Much more useful features will be those which are world-renowned. They want to ensure the Spot the ability to measure patient’s temperature, his blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood , and more. So please contact of staff and patients is generally minimized.

So in the long term provides the possibility of involving other robots Boston Dynamics. For this we need to ensure their universal software and algorithms to optimize their work.

Could the robot help the person

Practice shows that in recent years, the robot not only can, he should help the man. Just don’t need to imagine a robot anthropomorphic (human-like) and consider that it needs to be able to do everything. It is enough if he’ll just take over part of the duties. Thus it will give us more of that very expensive that we have ā€” time.

But do you believe that robots can significantly help physicians? Let's discuss it in the circle of lovers of robots, which now sits in our Telegram chat.

In the case of medical institutions it is the most important resource. As health doctors, on which depends the life of patients. Let then, as now, Boston Dynamics helps the staff in the hospital is very similar to PR (I’ve already mentioned how you can replace the skills of the robot, which he has now), but in the long term these developments will give us a lot. We already stand on the threshold of the next world. It is time to cross it, but do it carefully.

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