Robots now come to take a job washing dishes in restaurants and hotels


When it comes to robots that replace human functions, the more functions that can be used with robots are the ones that involve manual work and repetitive tasks. Think assembly line is a perfect example, where they can use the robots to take over regular tasks and repetitive without getting tired or errors.

Is washing dishes, another example of the important regular and frequent, but this function is necessary in the kitchen where you must clean the pots and pans, along with dishes, cups, bowls, etc. However, think a company called Dishcraft she can make this whole process faster and more efficient.

The company recently detects a dishwasher, a new mechanism that can help in cleaning large quantities of dishes in a commercial kitchen. All you have to do is be dishes stacked on a special trolley and transfer it to the robot in the kitchen. From there, you will be able to Android of lifting these dishes up, and her heart, and will be used hot and cold water and brush to assist in cleaning the surface of these dishes.

One of the differences between this Robot and the dishwasher is normal is that it will depend on the cameras supported by artificial intelligence which can ” check ” the dishes to see if you need to cleaning process again. Although there is no doubt that this method is more effective, but it carries bad news for people who are looking for work, looking to wash the dishes normally as a normal job does not require previous experience already.

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