Rokit-hungry smartphone market enter Formula One even before the launch of the smart phone


Season of the Formula One 2019 on the doors, the difference really started to announce their policies. The team made the Williams Racing car that will compete in the tournament along with her partner in the tournament Rokit, a global company specializing in the telecommunications sector.

There are five phones on the company website, the company says that two of them provide holographic effects without glasses. In fact, did not launch any of these phones officially, there are no any information about the technical specifications of these phones that you will get the names Rokit One and Rokit F-One and Rokit IO Light and Rokit IO 3D and Rokit IO Pro 3D with the knowledge that these three phones are the last words it’s all about smart phones, but the last two phones are the only ones which provide holographic effects without glasses.


Will the launch of these phones from a company Rokit in all of the United States of America and the United Kingdom in the month of March next. The ad says also that the company Rokit challenge the status quo with the installation of WiFi networks innovative in the around the world. She is currently working on the launch of the public networks in 27 of the largest cities in India, with plans to expand to 10 more countries in the next three years.

Related to company Rokit provide a range style unique called the ROK Life Services which include support when your car breaks down in the middle of the road, or in the case of losing your keys or exposure to infection while you are outside the country, as well as telemedicine ( remote diagnosis and treatment of patients ).

Said Jonathan Kendrick, chairman of ROK Brands, to the Williams Racing and Forumla One they are a global platform that would help in the ” story of innovation “. To become the main sponsor of the team in Formula One is very expensive, so if this proves something, it proves that the company Rokit take its business in the smartphone industry seriously.

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