Rolando is one of the oldest games on the iOS back to us next month

If you are a new user follow the App Store it is likely you don’t know the game Rolando, which was considered one of the oldest games puzzles and adventure that was released in December of 2008, it was one of the first games that have achieved wide popularity on iOS.

Now, it is re-developed and design to a place of new in the App Store this year, which will come as “Rolando: Royal Edition”, you can get them by pre-ordering now.

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Company HandCircus, the developer behind the game, if Rolando: Royal Edition is built on a completely new engine as been re-drafted in full. The game works on 60 FPS on all devices, while the renewal of the graphics completely.

Wasn’t the game available on iOS since 2017, when the iOS system 11 to take strict procedures regarding the application that supports architecture 32-bit. You can order the game from the App Store today for $ 1.99. It is expected to be available on April 3rd, so that will increase the price to $ 5.99 compared to the original version of Rolando.

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