Roller Coaster — infinity console

Roller coaster — fun for a strong spirit. If you experience nerves in reality there is no desire, try Roller Coaster. In the game control the ball, not let him fall from a great height and at the same time pick up the bonuses.

The Creator of Roller Coaster — Console, so the game by default, waiting for simplicity and maximum entertainment. In practice it is.

After starting the game immediately prompts you to press the display for the start of the race. The point is simple — we trust the ball rolling on slopes and inclines. In the course of arrival passing through the pink targets, and avoid black obstacles. The task is to install the record.

The process captures. Fun to drive, and sometimes because of the change of the landscape to avoid a collision is almost impossible. As a result, had to press restart and start all over again.

The game diluted the tasks that are performed to unlock new balls. For example, to open one of them to gain exactly 555 points. For another split at least a thousand obstacles.

The main disadvantage — the lack of sound. For some strange reason the speaker works only in the menu. On Android it does not.

In this Roller Coaster will be enough for a pleasant stay. The game will decorate a long Diwali weekend and will bring the end of the day on weekdays.

Application: Roller Coaster
Developer: Ketchapp
Category: Arcade
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 53 human

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