Rolls-Royce showed his version of a flying taxi

British automaker Rolls-Royce has brought to the air show Farnborough-2018 the concept of a flying taxi.

This will be the aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing). It will be a special wing design that can be rotated by 90°. The screws on the wing are foldable and can hide after the release of the aircraft to a certain height.

Flying taxi from Rolls-Royce equipped M250 gas turbine engine. The device uses a turbine to generate electricity six jet engines. A taxi will be able to carry four to five passengers at speeds up to 400 km/h on distance to 800 km.

Rolls-Royce plans to begin production and operation of flying taxis in the first half of 2020-ies.

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