Roscosmos prepares landing platform “ExoMars” for final Assembly and testing

Eczemas” is a joint project of Roskosmos and the European space Agency EKA for finding life on the red planet. It consists of two stages, the first of which was successfully completed in 2016 — orbit module “trace gas Orbiter” successfully entered the orbit of the planet and a year later sent the first images. The second phase scheduled for the summer of 2020 on the Red planet, the Rover will go “Rosalind” landing craft “Kazachok”. Preparation is in full swing, as evidenced by the message of Roscosmos about the beginning of the Assembly and testing of the platform.

Марсоход «Экзомарс»

Development of a device “Kazachok” is held in the Italian city of Turin. It was produced by the Russian NPO Lavochkin and the European partners of the Russian space Agency will be engaged in adding new tools and testing available. In the end, the landing platform is connected to the Rover’s “Rosalind”, which is equipped with panoramic cameras, a drill rig and tools such as radar, spectrometer and analyzer of organic molecules.

The main function of the landing platform is a soft landing of the Rover on the surface of the red planet. Arrived camera the first thing to drill on the planet six-foot hole for further analysis of the soil. The Rover will be able to move, and “groom” will remain in place, but will still do research in the landing zone.

Scientists expect that during the mission “Eczemas” they will be able to detect organic compounds that have long been somehow appeared on Earth. If this is true, scientists will be able to take a new look at the history of the Earth.

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