“Round” entrance to the world of the bold investment, and startups

Comes position “round” to be interested in the world of the bold investment, companies and projects emerging at the beginning of the road to understand this area as a prelude to enter into it for the first time in Arabic, which offers dozens of services, assistance, essays, illustrations, and news themes which help to clarify the general idea as well as the nuances related to the council.

The website aims to raise the level of awareness of the dealers in the area of bold investment, by providing content meaningful benefit investors and leading all involved directly or indirectly in this type of investment.

Established site tour by Saud home, the founder of the website tech world is the first source of technical content in the Arab world which also works in the program, InspireU of the company and STC to support entrepreneurs and startups in the field of Information Technology and communications. As well as Ahmed Al-fawzaan who possesses extensive experience in the field of investment, bold, etc.

The Tour section for news andarticles relating to investing in startups, investment funds, next to the educational materials combine the most important terminology in the field of bold investment, and the most important term of the Term Sheet. As well as a special section of the most important events relating to the around the world.

Also allows users important tools to help them assess their company; and where the calculator Cape Table, in preparation for the round investment, the tool allows the assessment of the company arising in a manner invested the bold (VC Method) to help the owner to understand the nature of the investors.

And besides, the “tour” list of third-party key investment in the Arab region through the presentation of details on the most important investment funds industry in the region, as well as the most important individual investors. It also enables individual investors to the others, request to join the list available on the site.

The site offers also the important feature of the entrepreneurship is centered around providing help and advice in the review of investment offer (Pitch Deck) before sending it to investors to ensure the exit of his best form and without having to pay exorbitant costs for it, so that water is available for free.

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