Round to the opinion of the press with the “home iPod” HomePod home entertainment from Apple TV

هوم بود آبل

هوم بود آبل

I let the Apple board in front of some of the media to experience the devices “home iPod” HomePod home entertainment, which will start access officially with solutions 2 February next, where to place those experiences within the company headquarters.

Before we delve into the opinions of the media, some of the attendees views of the private published on the website Reddit, and all the opinions stated that, given the size of the device and its price, the sound quality is very high, compare speakers home which cost 1000 us $ approx.

Posted editor website CNET at the event, stating that the sound quality of the device is very good, this is with regard to sound quality to home entertainment devices smartphone launched by competitors earlier. But, as is the case in all entertainment devices that currently exist, the quality of the distribution image not the size of the Outlook, it was very unusual to the Apple TV running a “home iPod” with, to begin distribution right, which everyone was waiting for from one device.

The website TechCrunch said in turn that the device works perfectly just as I Apple, in terms of sound quality and response. He added that the engineers of Apple have succeeded in developing a lot of technologies in a device The size of small preserves all the elements of the songs and the level of music and background sounds, it all looks like a normal cast live.

Published Wired magazine and her first impression was also that wonderful device, and processor installed it is very simple and worth its price up to 349 USD approximately. Thanks to the sensors of the interior, the sound remains at the same degree of purity during the experiment in the room because the machine is aware of the barriers existing in relaying the sound to avoid it and to maintain the one degree all the time. Only negative point per hour signs were musical medium that adds somewhat to the listener that there is a shortfall in the song.

Conducted site BI his experiments for a whole hour on the “home iPod” stating that the first impression can be summed up that the sound quality is great too. In general, the machine exceeded expectations, everything was out studying the right and step high, especially the voices of the singers. He also praised the site’s features run the device with which will be released later this year, which will make the music playback is fantastic thanks to the correct distribution.

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