Rovio launches Angry Birds New based on augmented reality technology


In years past, if the game Angry Birds is available on the operating system you are using, it is something special. In these days, this is no longer the game are very popular, but it seems that the company Rovio is facing the defense in this game forward. And stated that, the company has organized today, in cooperation with the firm Resolution Games to launch a new version of Angry Birds called Angry Birds en: Isle of Pigs.

If you follow news related to the game of Angry Birds, it looks like this game is familiar to you. This is due to that the company Rovio has launched the game of the same name on the virtual reality, but it now appears that the company Rovio try her luck with augmented reality this time. It seems that this game is exclusive to Apple TV devices running iOS, you’ll get the iPhone 6 or the model of the top, it will make it on the tablet of the iPad Pro, the fifth generation of the iPad or later models.

The reason for this is that the game is worth of package software development of augmented reality ARKit, a subsidiary of Apple, so this means that players will be able to with a game of Angry Birds en: Isle of Pigs from running the game in real life. Like the concept of the game in most its game Angry Birds normal where you are trying to drop structures, but the main difference here is that you can put these levels in any place in real life, if you want to shake things up a bit.

Looks like this concept very interesting and seems to represent the use very well to augmented reality technology, but it remains to be seen whether this game will be popular or not. There is currently no information about the launch date of the game, but it is now available for advance purchase.


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