Ruled out you offered her?!.. Products “does” available for sale online on Jumia discounts up to 25%

Representing the purchasing needs of the marital relationship is critical to have many, don’t have the balls to walk in to the pharmacy to request a needs specific, such as condoms, so refuse to “Jumia” Jumia embarrassment for everyone, and the products of the “York” DUREX for sale online, in addition to discount deals and reductions of up to 25%!

In the “Department of York Health and beauty products”, the site displays the e-shopping “the Home Depot” variety of products “does”, of which two cans a condom high Performance Intense (total 20 pieces) at the price of £ 225 instead of £ 300, by 25% discount, as well as 4-pack condoms strawberry (total 12 pieces) at the price of £ 75 (discount 6%).

As you know, Jumia package condom adult protection Extra Safe (12 pieces) at a price of 115 pounds instead of 150 pounds, with a discount of 23%, as well as the gel does the practice of intimate Play Feel (refill 50 ml) at 125 pounds instead of 140 pounds, credits 11%.

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