Rumor again expect to come iPhone of 11, without 3D feature Touch

A few months ago, we exited the rumors that the 3D Touch will be available in iPhones 2019, this technique is that allows the company to recognize the power of pressure you and then determine which will be implemented.

From the discovery of this truth is the team of analysts of Barclays they have done to obtain this information through the suppliers of Apple in Asia. Add to this the bank has made newspaper Wall Street also spreading the same rumor in January was a bust, and today there is another source available that feature multi-touch 3D Touch will not come for new phones.

The new plant, which stopped it today also is a site famous Taiwanese DigiTimes, which predicted that Apple will remove the hardware support to provide 3D Touch new phones, and what supports these expectations is the new update of the operating system tablet the iPad -which is the iPadOS – came with changes to the code to make it depends not so much on the three-dimensional touch.

It’s not that bad by the way, this is because Apple will not abandon the technique in full, but will handle just about being technical, linked to the gear internal (hardware) where all phones and devices that work with iOS 13, iPadOS have become the support of the water now, and this through the window of the Quick Actions that appear on the screen when the user presses on the application.

The water now has become the only rely on prolonged pressure on the app, which is the same mechanism that was engaged by this feature in the iPhone XR which comes without 3D technology Touch, which means that Apple has been planning it for a long time due to the fact that phone XR has been released in the last year.

If you use the old phone kind of the water retention as it is, don’t worry, the features 3D Touch will work on devices supporting this is the beginning of the iPhone 6S down to the iPhone XS MAX.

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Source: MacRumors

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