Rumor: Game Pass in the road for Nintendo Switch


This type of volatility hot is one of the most prominent reasons that make us always from the permanent representatives of the video games, the rumors have started growing these days for a strong working relationship between the companies into the Japanese and Microsoft is American, and in May she was like 10 years ago just a fantasy.

Today we get a rumor new leaked reliable in a relative and not a good record, confirming that Microsoft is preparing to launch the Game Pass and Xbox for a new hybrid Switch! This cooperation, which perhaps was not possible in the manner and thought which was working in IT companies in the past. Also, it has confirmed the magazine Game Informer healthy this settlement from its own sources, reported that the announcement about that might happen this year!

Microsoft is serious no doubt that make the Game Pass the “Netflix gaming world” and want to version service on as much as possible from home, and new work in the Open never encountered before at all.

Keep this news under rumor until we get any official confirmations.

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