Rumor new proposed Advent series phones Galaxy S10 with the memory chip random LPDDR5


During the summer of last year, Samsung revealed about the chip the memory LPDDR5 the first in the world for the next generation of smart phones, and now we heard what we suspected all along, which is that the series phones Galaxy S10 Series upcoming flagship from Samsung in the next month will benefit from this new technology.

Suggest a tweet on the Twitter network that the series phones Galaxy S10 Series coming from Samsung in the next month will be equipped with a microchip memory random LPDDR5 manufactured by Samsung itself. It is believed that the chip memory is random this is more efficient in energy consumption by 30 percent compared with the memory chips LPDDR4X, as it is faster by about ×1.5 in data transfer with the knowledge that they have the ability to transfer data at speeds of up to 6,400 Mbps.

Believes Samsung that chip memory is random new and this will improve the performance of augmented reality applications and smart phones compatible with the 5G development thanks to its speed in data transfer, this means that the version compatible with 5G of Galaxy S10 is the only one that will most likely benefit from this new memory. However, there’s a chance that the company Samsung to include this memory random the new in the other three versions of the Galaxy S10 also.


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