Rumor new proposes the advent of the models of the new iPhone with larger batteries, and optical zoom best


Battery life on iPhones is not bad, but not good also. Although Apple did improve the battery life in its devices over the years, it still represents one of the aspects that are not addressed by the company in full. But in the case if recent rumors are true, it is possible to change that with the iPhone coming this year.

Say new information has been posted on the social network of Chinese Weibo by iCTech to phones new iPhone coming from Apple later this year will have larger batteries so that they are more likely to come to class the largest with a battery capacity of 4000mAh, this is a marked improvement compared to the iPhone XS Max current features a battery capacity of 3150mAh.

These new rumors also say that iPhone will optical zoom up to three times ( ×3 ), and it will support wireless charging technology quickly 15W, as well as monitors the rate of update varies between 90Hz and 120Hz. While the tablet and iPad Pro screen includes rate update reaches the 120Hz, we continue to question the possibility to rate this update to the screen of the iPhone without significantly increasing costs.

However, it was explained the site Apple Insider has iCTech reputation volatile, it happened in the past on some leaks that turned out to be wrong later, but at the same time got a leak, turns out later to be true. Thus, it is best to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, at least at the moment.

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