Rumor new proposes the advent of the mouse support the revelation of the iPad Pro with iOS system 13

iPad Pro 2017

Since Apple launched the iPad Pro with the keyboard detached, it started really as if Apple is trying to say to everyone that can use this tablet computer portable. Now it seems we may soon see an iPad Pro turns into a laptop fake kind.

During the session of the podcast, there was some discussion about the iOS system 13 coming from Apple later this year. According to the editor Federico Viticci of website MacStories, which was also part of the meetings podcast This is, and has revealed that during the ” conversations with others“, I heard that it will be mouse support in the tablet of the iPad Pro with iOS 13.

Support Tablet and iPad Pro already keyboards such as Smart Keyboard or other keyboards that support wireless Bluetooth, as well as other keyboards wired USB Type-C. Now with mouse support, you can get experience similar to the laptop almost. We say ” almost ” because of the limitations of iOS system, which is considered a useful operating system geared for mobile devices, but it is not a useful operating system for personal computers such as MacOS or Windows, where the need to accomplish more things.

As always, we ask everyone to deal with everything that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but it is expected to be unveiled iOS 13 officially at the WWDC conference 2019 after two months from now, so be sure to get back to us then for full details. In the meantime, we’ve also heard rumors to the effect that the system of MacOS 10.15 may allow using the tablet, the iPad Pro screen outside.


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