Rumor new proposes to remove the separate the heavens from your iPad Pro 2018

ipad pro 2018

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the company decided to get rid of the separate headphones 3.5 mm in these two phones. This was a controversial move, but we see that other manufacturers of smart phones began to slowly adopt this idea. Was Apple has removed the separate heavens in the iPhone only, but it seems that this decision will expand now to include tablets and iPad as well.

That’s according to the tweet a new user CoinCoin which says that the tablet and iPad coming this year will include the removal of separate heavens. In fact, this is not a surprise for us although we are sure that many lovers of the iPad are hoping to have it incorrect. Despite that, there are a lot of wireless headsets in the market today, so there is a wider choice to choose from to compensate for this change which will happen in the tablet the iPad killer.

Twitter also suggest that the iPad Pro 2018 will be thinner than the previous version so that it will come with a thickness of 5.9 mm note that the iPad Pro 10.5 current comes with a thickness of 6.1 mm. We know that a tweet from a random user on the Twitter network doesn’t get credibility full, but the site MacRumors pointed out that the content of this tweet supports some of the previous leaks, so at least the rumors seem contradictory.

Regardless of the removal port headphones 3.5 mm, has been also in the past that the iPad Pro 2018 will put the screen bezel thinner, and will get rid of the main button the actual, as it will feature facial recognition Face ID. Moreover, it has also rumoured that he would be the saviour of the port to Lightning for USB Type-C, as hesitation also that the digital pen Apple Pencil will get some improvements. Generally, please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection, but we should get more details later this month when I will be an Apple tablet their new.



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