Rumor New suggest the coming of a new phone from Sony featuring six cameras in the back

11-06-2019 19-27-51

The current flagship phone to buy HMD Global Oy, and of course, the phone Nokia 9 PureView is in the lead when it comes to the number of cameras used in the backend for a smartphone. Well, if we are to believe what came in a new report released today, it appears that Sony is seeking to take the lead behind the purchase of HMD Global Oy in the near future.

According to the report, it says that Sony is developing Xperia new comes with six cameras in the backend. However, it is still not clear at the moment how you will arrange these cameras the six, and what role will be played by. The same report also indicated that this upcoming phone from the company Sony will also most likely two cameras in the front to take selfies and conduct video chats. It comes also with the advanced technology of facial recognition.

Although the exact details of this camera hexagram of Sony remains vague at the moment, it is believed that this camera six will see the camera close, camera other wide-angle. Given the popularity of cameras Time Of Flight of smart phones in recent years, we believe that this camera will be part also of the camera hexagram for Sony next see information depth more precisely than for stills cloudy dull background.


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