Rumor New that ROM FlymeOS 7 will be released the 24th day of February

Meizu M3 Max

I have the Meizu company to disclose interface FlymeOS 6 your company for the Android almost a year ago, so this is the correct timing to detect the interface FlymeOS 7. In fact, the interface FlymeOS 7 will be released in the near future, at least according to the images leaked today.

According to these leaked images of the new, it seems that the company Meizu plans to unveil the interface FlymeOS 7 new in day 24 of the month of February next, but you must handle this information with the least amount of protection because this is the first information we have so far about this fact.

While it still follows the forum about a month on the date of the disclosure of ROM FlymeOS 7, long enough to get more leaks related to this the Romans, it was the day it leaked another image was taken to the screen of the phone works Rome FlymeOS 7. Although we do not understand the Chinese language very much, they seem to suggest that the ROM FlymeOS 7 will bring several improvements to the user interface, and something new called mQuick Button, as well as Version 2.0 of artificial intelligence OneMind affiliate of the company. Generally, we will have to wait until late next month for full details.




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