Rumor: Switch new is coming in 2019


This is not the first time that we hear about the intention of the new issue device Switch improved in 2019, the first time was by a report from the WSJ, and now we get the news of Gaming to Intel, who have previously leaked some news about the new in the past, include the dates of the episodes of Nintendo Direct.

This news confirms what was stated in the report of the WSJ previously that the Switch will happen on the new model in 2019, and confirms the location of his own resources to the new device puts an increase the interior space as one of the most important priorities, especially with the increase of digital sales on the device compared with devices New previous.

The screen you will get improvements as well to be brighter and more guided in the consumption of energy. Anyway, it is not clear if there was any upgrade on the gear in the current time, the date and the breasts weighted to the second half of next year to 2019.

Keep these news are not confirmed until you learn new about the new model formally.

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