Rumor: the performance of a terrifying card graphics GTX 1170 of the Nvidia


Conflicting reports about the new generation of graphics cards from Nvidia, we have heard it may be delayed to the end of this year or the beginning of the New Year, and that in light of the desire of NVIDIA in card sales by the current, and shipped a large amount of them and probably larger than the market demand after the decline in demand for mining e-currencies.

Anyway, as you can see at the top, it indicated a leak of a new performance on 3D Mark that the NVIDIA card is new, and that may bear the name Geforce GTX 1170, may outweigh the performance even on a card 1080 Ti more powerful than NVIDIA, and if your health is this the new generation of NVIDIA cards heralds a move amazing in performance.

Of course, keep a backup incoming that the results of the test this is incorrect, and anyway we’ll have a clearer idea when NVIDIA announce the cards, and when you access the media on them for their experience.

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