Rumors confirm: phone iPhone next will be released in 6 colors at least

A few weeks before the release date phone iPhone 9, and a date in September, a report revealed that Apple will be her new phone in 6 colors at least, are black and white, light yellow, blue, orange, dark gray, which gives users a variety of different colors to choose from.

At the same time suggest other rumors suggest that Apple Apple will launch 3 new models of phones iPhone iPhone in the event annual in September Next, and that the price of the iPhone 9 (The iPhone 9) will range between 600 and 700 dollars (i.e., between 11,000 and 12,500 Egyptian pounds approximately), which makes the phone’s new lower price of the iPhone 8 (iPhone 8)!

On the other hand, some analysts predicted not to reveal the Apple for phone iPhone new during the event annual, and to speak the same delays that have occurred in the past with the iPhone X (iPhone X), where it was disclosed after the annual event of the company because of issues related to manufacturing, and that the iPhone will be delayed to October or November.

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