Rumors: Galaxy S 10 fingerprints inside the screen of the Qualcomm

Everyone is waiting for the phone Samsung next series Galaxy S, and many are expected to provide the company something unique to celebrate 10 years of the launch of the company for the interview the most successful in the market of phones of the company and Challenger, the most powerful summit in the field of smart phones, a series of “S”.

Having dealt with a lot of the leaked reports earlier to provide the new phone from the negative imprint of the inside of the screen which will be the first time that the Korean giant Samsung that tech in his phones which will represent a qualitative change in the way of dealing with smart phones then.

But New this time in the recording he talks about being Samsung on the second generation of the technology footprint inside the screen of a giant Corporation and the company “Qualcomm” of the famous in the field of manufacturing processors for phones which make the strongest globally currently.

Think the idea of the work of the second generation of the sensor footprint with Qualcomm on the use of ultrasound, “ultrasonic” which is said it will be the best experience of the fingerprint inside the screen. so now, not only because it is the fastest, but also because it is the most accurate, this is not new to Samsung, which shows in their choice of the new challenges of its commitment to provide modern technology, quality unique even if already some Chinese companies in the provision of technical.

We spoke a few days ago for a phone company vivo Chinese V11 which owns the technology visionary inside the screen, too, but did outperform the Samsung technologies and Qualcomm to Chinese companies that offer everything is new and priced competitively?

This generation of technologies Qualcomm’s fingerprint inside the screen is not the first experience, but she already owns two generations of former and depend all of them on the ultrasound technique was the first generation of 2015 aftermath of the second generation which was used by some Chinese manufacturers over the past year.

As for the idea of an imprint Qualcomm they rely on the launch of a flash of ultrasonic waves which collide with the fingerprint of the finger to be no map of its own unique in addition to sensors, other works to provide a three-dimensional image, and the technical idea of the fingerprint inside the screen of the other companies which rely on the optical sensor only, which leads to a significant difference in terms of accuracy and speed for technology of Qualcomm.

This is the first experience sensor of Qualcomm’s fingerprint that is her experience exclusively on the phone the pioneer of a great company but it is possible to get another phone average, Samsung’s fingerprint inside the screen by the S 10 but it will be of the Visual type as the user from Chinese companies and we are waiting for what you download not Samsung of the surprises in the coming period.

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