Rumors indicate plans to Apple to get OLED screens from Samsung for your MacBook Pro

The latest rumors that came from Korea that Samsung will be the supplier to Apple this year for the OLED provided for your MacBook Pro possible the size of 16 inch, and also OLED screens for the iPad Pro next.

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In the new leaks came across the site of The Elec in Korea indicated that Samsung has started talks with Apple to supply OLED displays for MacBook Pro possible the size of a 16 inch, also offer OLED screens also iPad Pro in the future.

I came to leaks and other previously through analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that Apple is preparing to introduce this year’s MacBook Pro the size of a 16 inch or 16.5 inch wheels, on comes this version through 2019 with a new design fully, but that the leaks Kuo didn’t come with details about the screen technology used in the device or any other specifications.

Also came another report from Kuo, referring to the plans Apple launch MacBook Pro size 15 inch to 17 inch, which comes with special lighting mini-LED in the background, and to present this version in 2021, but can’t confirm whether this version is the MacBook Pro the axis of rumors today, or that Apple has bigger plans for safety devices MacBook Pro in the coming period.

In a previous report, the analyst Kuo about iPad Pro, it was pointed out that Apple will start mass production of these new versions in the last quarter of 2019 or the first quarter of 2020, only that it did not provide details about the screen technology used in these versions, as also referred to the plans of Apple to launch iPad Pro with lighting mini-LED backlight in the screen between 2020 و2021.

Recall that Apple recently launched surprisingly the new versions of devices MacBook Pro that comes with the processor possible to perform faster, with new material in a hardware keyboard which works on improving the performance of the keyboard compared to previous versions, so if your health of rumors in the quality of the MacBook Pro 16 inch screen is OLED, it is expected that Apple this version in the autumn of this year.


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