Rumors: the iPhone of 2020 will come with (Touch ID) active on any topic in screen

إشاعات: آيفون 2020 سيأتي بـ (Touch ID) فعالة على أي موضع في الشاشة

Similar to other reports that talked about rear cameras, dual and triple in iPhone 11 which often will be the fall of the year, came the report from the website MacRumors indicates that the copy of the iPhone of 2020 will come fundamental changes at the level of the screen to contain a fingerprint, compact and work on all their parts, where would be the screen type OLED from LG.

Also added the site to that the company will launch iPhone SE 2 supported equipment iPhone 8 to be ready next year, while seeking the Apple where to release a version for iPhone 5G depending on the modem, the giant semiconductor America Qualcomm, after that was shopping between the two companies last April.

On the other hand, returning list for iPhone 2019 has been talk about the company’s work on the three versions of the iPhone like the previous arrangement for Xs XS Max XR least in the specifications and supplied with a new design at the level of the mute button as well as cameras and reverse charging.

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