Rumors: what we know so far about the iPhone coming (the first part)

As is usual every year before the announcement of Apple about the new organs, out rumors and leaks here and there talking about those devices and what kind of features and new designs. It is expected to reveal the Apple for the latest versions of IP devices-this year’s iPhone is expected to launch update for-iPhone X Phone two new small-sized and another large. Usually keep Apple’s secrets organs new, nor is this year an exception. But there are some rumors and reports that cause of which hints may be honest and see when the emergence of new devices. Here is a list of those rumors and the extent of the credibility of both of them.

شائعات: ما نعرفه حتى الآن عن آي فون 2018 (الجزء الأول)

In the past year, Apple has released one of the biggest updates to the smart phones with the tenth anniversary of the docking-iPhone. Where submitted iPhone X as we know it now, with a major shift in the design and complete, and wireless charging and the fingerprint face.

It is expected Apple to do this year to improve this design after the successful despite the heavy price. The truth is that iPhone X it didn’t sell huge numbers like the above devices, except that the cost associated with this was very profitable for Apple.

You all received the latest rumors about the Apple phone next, according to the Telegraph the British.

The date of launch of iPhone 2018

Usually launches Apple’s latest devices iPhone in the first two weeks of September. In the past year, was the launch of the iPhone X on September 12. And apple on her smart phone, usually two weeks after the IFA conference technical German, which this year will be held in the last week of August. It may take another two months before you get Apple products new to the shelves. In the past year has been a version of the iPhone 8 in the weeks following the disclosure, but the iPhone X wasn’t available for purchase until the month of November.

What is the name of the iPhone, new?

Expected to launch Apple called the iPhone Xs on her new phone, bringing back the Apple to the era of its old launch of S to each new update of the same category. Some have suggested to call it the iPhone 9. But this is excluded because it is called out of sequence. There was speculation that the greater version would be called iPhone X Plus.

But we expect to use the Apple style allows the iPad years ago which is to be named iPhone X version 2018 the current will supports X version 2017.

It is called version 6.1 inches they are more like to issue a special X will by the SE as it’s a special version or is the name derived from the X?

How will the shape of the iPhone, new?

Refer latest reports that the iPhone will be similar in shape with iPhone X, but we will definitely see new changes in the size of the put option to upgrade iPhone 8, swallowing them and-iPhone X in front of the users.

The report from Bloomberg indicates that the new phones will follow the design of iPhone X, is expected to be the iPhone, the larger screen of up to 6.5 inches. Analyst specializing in the affairs of Apple Ming-Chi Kuo, it’s expected to reveal Apple unveiled three phones, one the size of 5.8 inches, and the other screen is 6.5 inch, the second cheap screen 6.1 inches. Launched the icon D32 for iPhone X small, while the larger is called D33 and that you both will use the wizard A12 coming from Apple.

What are the new colors that come out iPhone this year?

There are some rumors that indicate that Apple intends to release new colors to enhance their sales and target the other segment of consumers.

Last year there were reports that Apple intends to launch iPhone X in gold. In late turns out that those reports are true. Shows file Apple the FCC, which has been published recently by MacRumours that there was iPhone X gold color scheme to launch it, but it’s yet to be produced. Will you take it to Apple this year in addition to the new colors? Reportedly, Apple will new varieties of colors including gray, blue, red, orange, according to the website 9to5Mac.

Assessment of common

For the colors of the new update 50%. It is likely that Apple is offering a new color for the first time in her phone associated. As for the color of gold his presence more bearable.

New features that will be contained in the iPhone 2018

Due to the changes to the iPhone last year, there may not be drastic changes in the design. However, there are some reports that indicate some changes.

OLED screens

The reports from sites such as Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal that Apple will use oleds, or “Organic LED” rich from the definition. Will the screen accurately 1242× 2688. She said some of the reports that the copy of iPhone cheap price will be the LCD display used in most phones iPhone previous.

This, of course, not all the rumors about the iPhone coming there are still reports praised the show day after day the closer we get to the date of the appearance of those devices. Wait for the second part very soon.

What do you think about those rumors about the iPhone’s 2018’s? And is it acceptable and is weighted or is that you opinion else? Tell us in the comments.



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