RusDate is the app for those who want to meet people nearby

Casual Dating in the modern world — a difficult task. Time is always short, we’re in a hurry its their business and not notice each other. And to meet people on the street, in the subway or in a club can not all. What is the solution? Install a Dating app, many would say. Only that even if you download some of these programs will come to the conclusion that almost all of them are of the same type.

To meet you in person it’s pretty hard

Dating app RusDate not just will help find dozens of pretty girls and interesting guys near you who can not wait to meet you. It will come to the rescue when you don’t know where to start the conversation — often enough to Express the sympathy of the interlocutor, and he’ll come out on the interesting conversation.

Start Dating in two ways — through tabs all the profiles tab or “Next”. With its help, you will see all consulting the people around you, that is unable to detect its neighbor. The service has a user-friendly setting, enabling you to browse all the interesting girls or boys in a given area according to given parameters. This allows us not only to know who is next, but to find among these people someone very nice. Agree that you can meet and arrange a meeting with someone attractive is easier when you don’t need to go to the other end of the city, and even further.

To use the service, or you need to register or link your account in social networks. Because the application is very much Russian-speaking users from Canada, Germany, USA, Israel, and thousands of users from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, is the right option, since it is possible to find a person from his country quickly and to contact him. To get to the page the user is very simple, just click on his photo: here you can find all the information that she (or he) left on its own and also have the opportunity to go to chat.

Another way to learn — through play “Sympathy.” Look at photos of girls and decide, whether you like them or not (by the way, they can do the same). And even if you have set up to go on a date, “likes” from attractive girls or handsome men (who is closer) will get you in the mood for the week ahead. And where easier to start a conversation if you already have a mutual sympathy. In the real world is always difficult to understand if you like another person, but here everything is clear at once.

What is the uniqueness of the application RusDate? The service weeds out the scammers and casual users using a subscription — fees for the use of messages. Thus, you always know what the person is serious. Access is not too expensive (115 rubles, at registration of a subscriber for a year), now for a Cup of coffee more give. Nevertheless, even this “entrance fee” is enough to raise the adequacy of the audience.

Another feature of the service surveys, which you can use immediately to find a suitable pair. You will be asked the questions and then answer the app will show which users gave the same answer. Great time-saver.

With this application no longer need to shoot a glance at strangers and strangers trying to attract someone’s attention. It is sufficient to find mutual sympathy and your evening, and may the whole life be beautiful. Can be each, because is as fun on the iPhone, and Dating in Russian for Android. And the city you live is irrelevant. But if you activate the coupon 3FREE to the app or via the support get free access to the service for 3 days. And feel free to rate the app in the App Store and Google Play — the developers are constantly working on improving it.

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