Russia is developing a prototype of a reusable stage booster

The source of Fund of perspective researches (FPI) in conversation with the Agency RIA “Novosti” noted that the prototype stage winged reusable rocket, with the possibility of returning back to the launch site at hypersonic speed will be represented by 2023. At the moment there is preparation of technical specifications and work directly on the creation stage will start somewhere in the first half of 2019.

The source noted that the aim of the project is to create a fully functional demonstrator rocket engine. The prototype will have to undergo the entire cycle of testing starting from the start, then output at the necessary height, after testing return and land back at the launch site.

“At subsonic demonstrators planned to do over the next four years, will be tested automatic landing and subsonic flight regimes, and hypersonic, respectively, hypersonic modes”, — commented the representative of the FPI.

As it became known, the basis of the prototype returned to the stage was taken by the project “Baikal”, which was developed by the Center. Khrunichev. The news source explained that “Baikal” was chosen due to the presence of the rotary wing, which at the start of the rocket is in the folded state. When you set the required height of the wing unfolds, and the stage passes hypersonic, transonic, and subsonic stages. The stage is planned to plant on the runway in automatic mode like a plane.

“After reviewing all such projects, came to the conclusion that for Russia the most interesting is the return of a stage on an aircraft,” — said in the DRF.

It is also noted that the development of reusable winged stages, taking into account the experience of many global developments, including the American company SpaceX, the head of which is the entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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