Russia was accused of using Venezuela, with the creation of Petro. The Kremlin has no information

On Tuesday Donald trump has banned Americans from doing business with the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela. Under the restrictions were and subsequent coins, which an expert called the decision a end El Petro. Now the situation is developing from a different angle. The journalists of the Time called Russia involved in the development of cryptocurrency to bypass the US sanctions.

Trail creating El Petro

Data told journalists familiar with the situation source, reports DW. The benefit of information, says the launch of cryptocurrency in late February. It including was attended by advisors to the President of Venezuela to Russia — Denis Buddies and Fedor Bogorodskiy.

According to the publication, the Russians are closely linked with major Russian banks and close to the Kremlin oligarchs. They allegedly oversaw the launch of El Petro, with the consent of Vladimir Putin. In turn, the President of the Russian Federation the project was presented as “a way to bypass sanctions.”

The former employee of the U.S. Treasury Brian O Tooley, sees no prospects in the coin to bypass sanctions. In his opinion, to transfer assets abroad using cryptocurrency could individual officials and businessmen. Russian banks and financial institutions have the opportunity to get out from under the imposed constraints would not exist.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said the absence of any data. He doesn’t know, was there Russian IT specialists in the development of cryptocurrency, reports RIA.

I do not have any information on this, and I don’t know what is the source of this information.

Whether the data is the reason for new sanctions is unknown. In this case, after the ban, the United States coin that it will be harder to find new buyers.

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