Russia will not participate in the creation of the American lunar station

Publishing house “Interfax” with reference to General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin informs that Russia refuses the joint construction of a lunar orbital station Gateway because “can not afford to participate in the American project on the sidelines”. Rogozin also said that Russia plans to create its own space transportation system.

According to Rogozin, the project of a lunar orbital station, Russia can exercise with its partners from BRICS countries.

“The Russian lunar station on the moon or international — is the subject of negotiations. Perhaps this will be a joint station with our friendly countries — BRICS countries”, — said Rogozin.

The head of Roskosmos also said that Russia plans to start unmanned lunar program in 2021.

Space Agency NASA is going to build residential near the moon orbital scientific space station, The Gateway (formerly called project Gateway Deep Space and Lunar Orbital Platform — Gateway), which in the future will be a starting point for future space missions in the outer space, in particular missions to Mars. The project is very ambitious. It involved more than a dozen countries. In 2017, Russia and the United States signed an agreement to work together on the project. Pursuant to the agreements, Russia has taken on the task of creating one of the main parts of a future lunar space station airlock module.

Previously it was assumed that in 2022 will go to the moon American motor-power module, in 2023 it will join the American habitation module and the next station will appear as a Russian airlock module.

Interestingly, a day earlier in the media with reference to the unnamed representative of “Roscosmos” has information that Russia will continue participation in the construction of the lunar station. However, on the role of “Roscosmos” in this project nothing was said.

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