Russian physicist proposed a new space drive. On the water!

Mikhail Kokorich, the founder of a startup Momentus that is backed by Y Combinator is developing a new technology for space engine, I did not realize that going to the moon. He graduated from the Novosibirsk University and became a serial entrepreneur, earned the first money after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Technology Momentus is a new powerplant that uses water instead of chemicals as a propellant.

According to Kokorich, water is good for several reasons. First, its a lot of space. Secondly, it is more effective and better fuel for flight beyond low earth orbit. “Chemical pull is good when you need to develop high traction,” says Kokorich. But once the ship is beyond the limits of gravity, the water feels better and all.

“We can bring dozens of tons into geostationary orbit much faster” than many companies that use ion engines, for example, because the acceleration is recent months.

The company has already signed an agreement with the European flight operator ECM Space, which will help her to carry out the first tests of a propulsion system for a microsatellite in early 2019.

The first product will give the impulses in 150-180 seconds, and have power up to 30 watts.

Now Kokorich lives in the United States. His first company, Dauria Aerospace attracted $ 30 million for work but tough competition from U.S. firms and Crimean sanctions against Russia impact on business entrepreneur.

“It was a purely political immigration. I have no way to do business, because you have to work with the government, and the government I wouldn’t like it”, says the entrepreneur.

Together with startup Momentus Kokorich try to solve the problem of space transportation. “When the transportation cost is reduced, new business models,” he says. Technology Momentus, in his opinion, can reduce the cost of travel in deep space and opportunities for new businesses like the development of asteroids and lunar transit.

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