Russia’s response to the 25 million cyber attack during the World Cup 2018

Succeeded Russia in the World Cup and praised the sentence made by the state in terms of development, logistics, IT, hospitality and security teams and the fans, etc..

In respect of the security and the return on the title of the news was transferred to the Kremlin for Russian President Vladimir Putin as saying that Russia prevented nearly 25 million cyber attack and other criminal against its infrastructure information relating to World Cup 2018.

President Putin stated during his conversation with the security that these cyber attacks are linked in one way or another in the World Cup, stressing that this success in development couldn’t have happened without the focus and preparatory mass where everyone worked at full capacity to finish the championship without any significant problems.

Recall that Russia , which hosted the World Cup from 14 June to 15 July in the 11 cities and 12 Stadium itself is accused by many western countries it Chen a lot of attacks and electronic vandalism.


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