Ryzen Ryzen 2800H 7 and 5 2600H — now the most powerful mobile AMD

Website AMD today quietly acquired two new mobile CPU: Ryzen Ryzen 2800H 7 and 5 2600H.

And now it is the most powerful mobile AMD percent. Rather, it is a hybrid processors (APU), as they have a GPU. So, what we got.

Both processors are Quad-core and eight strand, both have a TDP of 45 watts and 4 meter of the L3 cache. Differences in the frequencies and the GPU. Frequency for Ryzen 5 2600H amount to 3.2-3.6 GHz, and for Ryzen 2800H 7 and 3.3-3.8 GHz.

The GPU of the Junior model — Vega 8 with 512 stream processors and a frequency of 1100 MHz, and in the senior — Vega 11 704 stream processors and a frequency of 1300 MHz. In General, it is sickly CPU, and the GPU is quite viable. However, if we consider the new processors as the basis for PC gaming, integrated graphics is useless.

If earlier AMD was exceptionally energy-efficient mobile Ryzen, now there are more powerful that we can only welcome. I don’t think we will often find laptops with these APUS, but the competition we can all only benefit.

By the way, if you are interested to understand the performance of new products, look at table 5 and 2400G Ryzen Ryzen 3 2200G. They are almost identical mobile innovations for some nuances.

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