Safety vision SoftBank invests $ 2.2 million in General Motors


Fund is planning to see SoftBank invested an amount of up to $ 2.25 million in the giant us automaker General Motors and specifically in relation to self-driving cars.

Will invest the Fund in two installments, the first $ 900 billion to develop the project first, and the second value of 1.35 billion dollars when you become self-driving cars ready for sale commercially.

This investment will be directed to Module GM Cruise specialized in self-driving cars, the unit will continued to buy GM, but will share 19.6% Fund vision SoftBank, and of course have the consent of the authorities before that.

How to invest in GM without the $ 1.1 million in the same unit after the completion of the deal, SoftBank invested.

According to Dan Ammann President of General Motors company the most important for them is high security, where you must hit the cars to a high level of security before you are ready to go and officially.

This comes investment from SoftBank in General Motors after the respect for the spectacle industry of self-driving cars, there is the cross-Waymo as well as uber and Tesla and many others working in this field.

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