Sage: use cloud software to develop projects Gulf

Although growth is an essential objective for any business, but it brings challenges to the management of more people, and changing customer needs, and maintain effective supply chain, activate the Intelligent Analysis of business data, and with new laws and regulations.

And the challenges, despite her fears, to make companies more flexible, better able to weigh the strengths and opportunities that contain the region, what prevents them prepared better, and ready to complete any subsequent developments.

Comes with this growth, the challenges tied to the sense of privacy of a place of doing business, compliance with laws work, taxes increasing complexity.

But there’s no need to keep up with these changes personally, thanks to accounting software such as those related to the modernization cloud solutions salaries, so that they can ensure compliance with the permanent business with ongoing developments, and to implement it immediately upon the adoption of the new legislation and begin to apply them.

You should register your company as a vendor subject to the tax value of the counter in case of overflow the size of your business annual in the UAE, the value of 375 AED, and begin analysis of the tax value by 5 percent.

In the case of expansion outside the UAE – towards the kingdom of Bahrain or Saudi Arabia – it should integrate the value-added tax to those governments, which take into account, and ensures implementation of accounting software cloud.

And with the growth of your business to hire more people to help carry the burden of extra work.

Despite the opportunities provided by this growth to attract new skills to enable upgrading work, but that the expansion of the workforce carries with it its own challenges also, including the increasing complexity of Human Resources Management and payroll, with increased difficulty maintaining personal relationships and communicate individually with staff.

The use of cloud solutions automated human resources and payroll to focus on developing and nurturing teams of the organization through the utilization of surplus time.

Should choose a system that is compatible with the regulatory legislation in the country, including you can follow the evolution of your business starting from a young project, and even turns into a well-established company.

It is difficult for business owners to meet customer needs and expectations in the absence of a supply chain flexible and efficient, where supply chains are the main lifeblood of business, so we should be able to accommodate the growth of operations, changes in customer requirements.

Here Comes the role of supply chain solutions to predict patterns of sales, better prepare for times of busy shopping, such as vacation days, weekends, and local festivals and the beginnings of the seasons study.

While the application helps the supply chain in maintaining contact with networks of suppliers, partners and vendors, including easy to find with alternative services when needed, as may occur during peak times the need to expand fleets work temporarily, and hire more people to ensure continuity and discontinuity in the provision of services.

Brings expansion of the business more data that can be analyzed to help reach a better understanding of the institution and the staff and markets, but may pose a significant challenge if those data without cleaning, and smart business solutions for centralized data collection, making control and operation easier.

However, the comprehensive view on the data, will allow the employer the opportunity to make accurate decisions and moving fast, as it will help those solutions to take advantage of market developments or to avoid potential risks, which is reflected in the increased business productivity and efficiency.

As to the growing business necessarily implies the existence of a wider range of customers, each with their needs and perceptions about the way their access to the service, and the only way through which they can meet these diverse needs, is to know what customers want exactly.

And in order to reach those concerned to collect as much data as possible about the group of customers, and analyzes data to detect their directions and patterns of its behavior.

And the channels of communication open with customers is equally important, as it provides help to communicate with customers and build relationships long term with them.

The questions direct the best way available to address customer needs and expectations, and while doing so the war on the request of the customer comments on the service they receive, in order to disclose the methods and ways to improve them.

Author: Mansoor Sarwar Mansoor Sarwar, regional director, technical services at Sage Sage Middle East


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