Sailfish OS is another alternative to Android for smartphones Huawei

We have repeatedly written about the fact that Huawei is hard at work on his own substitute for the popular mobile OS Android. Why the company is looking for a replacement “green robot”, I think no need to explain, because the information about it in recent weeks, climbing from all cracks. However, in all this farce about a trade war between China and the United States appeared something interesting than we today would like to share with you.

Although, according to rumors, Huawei, working on its own mobile OS, nobody canceled the fact that the company may seek an alternative to Android else. So, according to the publication The Bell, replacement for Android smartphone Huawei may be made in Russia on the basis of the operating system Sailfish OS, which we wrote in the distant 2016.

Huawei glances at Russian OS Aurora

CEO of Huawei Guo Ping (Guo Ping), reportedly discussed the possibility of using Sailfish OS on Huawei devices with the Minister for digital development, communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Konstantin Noskov. Based on the alleged conversation, Huawei is already testing the device with a preinstalled operating system Aurora. In addition to the OSes, gendir Huawei and Konstantin Noskov, as expected, also discussed the possibility of partial relocation of the processors and devices of the company in Russia.

Huawei and the Russian provider of digital services by Rostelecom declined to comment on the discussion, although the latter said he is open to working with developers of mobile solutions. Presumably, linking the two companies, Grigory Berezkin, Rostelkom and a Russian businessman that owns the developer of the Aurora OS.

What is Sailfish OS, and why is it Huawei?

Sailfish OS is a Linux distribution developed by the people behind the doomed MeeGo OS from Nokia. The operating system Sailfish can be installed on the Sony Xperia X, XA2, XA2 and XA2 Plus Ultra.

What makes Sailfish OS attractive to users is its open source. Anyone can get access to its “guts” and play around with the software to configure it as it sees fit. This is somewhat contrary to the policy of distribution of Android, which also is open source, but on top of it running the software, to which everyone is not and can not be.

Other benefits include compatibility with Android applications, the navigation system is based on swipe, shortcuts to display certain interface elements, and multitasking, similar to what we are accustomed today to seeing in Android and iOS.

However, the main pride of Sailfish OS is its focus on privacy. Developed by Jolla does not collect any data without your consent, and collects only information necessary for the operation of its services and does not sell user data to third parties without their consent.

In my opinion, it would be a very smart move from Huawei, if she in case of loss of Android decided to switch to Sailfish OS. Then the company would not need to spend nearly as much resources to develop and promote the new mobile OS, which is obviously not an easy task. Yes, still the problem of absence of Google Play and need to download Android applications from third party sources, but Huawei can create your own app store that is compatible with Sailfish OS.

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