Sale AirPower can begin after WWDC 2018

Charging station AirPower, able to provide wireless power transmission to multiple Apple devices, the company revealed in September last year. It was expected that the device will go on sale before the end of March 2018 (Apple even held a presentation, where they could announce it), but then time moved. Summer is ready to come into their legitimate rights, and the AirPower we have not yet seen.

Interestingly, while there is no exact information about the release date of AirPower — some insiders say that Apple will announce the start of sales at WWDC 2018, but they also beat their chest and claimed on the March release. Recall that since the announcement of the device will soon pass 9 months.

Simultaneously with the release of AirPower in what’s the case for AirPods with support for wireless charging. About the plans to release this for Apple also spoke at the presentation in September 2017. Wireless hard case for AirPods will be included in a set of headphones, but if desired it can be ordered separately. The price is not yet known, but it hardly makes sense to expect it to be low.

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