Sale AMD went up sharply on the background of rising prices on Intel

I recently wrote that Intel rose sharply, so if you have the opportunity to purchase the CPU at the old price, hurry up to do it.

Let me remind you, the appreciation is very impressive: 20-30% and even above. For example, the Core i7-8700K not asking for 350 euros as before, but 460-470 euros! By itself, this background began to grow on the sales of AMD processors. And grow very quickly.

There is such a large German online store Mindfactory. Since last year, the Network began to merge monthly detailed statistics of its sales is on the CPU. Yes, it’s only one store in one particular country, but more so the detailed data is simply not there.

Complete statistics for September will be published in early October, but now there is something interesting. Look at the chart below.

This is the distribution of a share sale CPU AMD and Intel. It is easy to see that in early September, and then began to confusion with Intel processors, sales of the latter fell sharply, while sales of AMD — as abruptly rushed up. Now AMD is almost 80% of the sales! 80%! Did you ever think that was possible?

And the essence of the fact that plus-minus is such a situation in retail will soon be everywhere. Analysts assert that Intel in the near future to cope with the shortage of their CPU. Some even claim that this situation will last at least a year! Against this background, those same analysts predict AMD to 30% share of the market of processors, whereas now it is only 10%.

To help you understand why not 80% but only 30%, explain. Talking about the market as a whole, including enterprise. The shortage of Intel CPU, of course, applies to it, but the supply to manufacturers of PCs and servers go in the first place, why there is such a strong shift in favor of AMD will not, which ultimately gives 80% and 30%. But even now some of the major manufacturers began to switch to AMD CPU as Intel Protsiv is simply not enough.

Honestly, I do not completely understand, where did the deficit. Everyone keeps telling me that because of the difficulties with a 10-nanometer process technology. Well, OK, a new CPU will not be released, but the sales of 14-nanometer this is not particularly increased. Where such a raging deficit?

Whatever it was, it is and it’s kind of nice. Well because AMD will be able to earn more, and that means more to invest in their products. You look, and the video card Navi release faster. Well, for Intel it will serve as an additional kick to improve their products. In the meantime, I’m personally happy to watch, unexpectedly and very rapidly changing market. Because this happens very rarely.

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