Sale “Yandex.Phone” was a flop

“Yandex.Phone” in Russia many expected, as the company no doubt can be called Russian Apple. She offers great services, which competitors in our market simply does not exist. Before the release of the phone many expected to get a really good product at a low price with the services of the company. With the latter all turned out, but with the price and quality of the smartphone is still ambiguous, which resulted in extremely weak sales.

As reported by “TJournal” with reference to “Vedomosti“that in December of 2018 “Yandex” through the retail network have sold more than 400 phones, and by 20 January the number had risen to 450 pieces. Total in December in Russia managed to implement a 3.5 million smartphones, against this background, the indicators Yandex seem a little strange.

Yandex told “Vedomosti” that these statistics do not count sales data in the store of “Yandex” and “Take”. It is reported that in these stores, the company was able to sell by the end of January not more than 1000 devices, which follows from the registrations of the phones from the mobile operators. We caught up with Yandex to get comments, but unfortunately, the company does not disclose sales data.

Why is everything so bad?

Sale “Yandex.Phone” was launched in early December at a price of 17,990 rubles. The company, releasing your phone is trying to promote its own services, but when the cost of smartphone and the characteristics that it offers, it’s impossible. Technically, “Yandex.The phone” looks outdated, and the design has issues. This is clearly not the smartphone of 2018 from this point of view, therefore, the cost of 18 thousand rubles on the background of competitive devices from Huawei looks quite attractive.

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