Sales growth of personal computers for the first time in six years

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The market saw devices of personal computers in the third quarter of the current year growth for the first time in six years, i.e. since the first quarter of 2012, according to data from market research firms Gartner Gartner and D. C. IDC, where IDC is growing by 2.7 percent, bringing the number of shipments to the To 62.3 million units, while explained Gartner growth by 1.4 percent, bringing the number of shipments to 62.1 million units in the second quarter of 2018.

The five largest suppliers are Lenovo, HP, Dell and Apple TV is, where have seen the Lenovo in particular, significant gains (the highest growth rate since the first quarter of 2015), and found Gartner to all the companies in the top five saw increases in shipments of devices personal situation, and the rest of the market has fallen by 12.9 percent.

The results showed that Lenovo and HP still suffer, while the replaced Dell in the second place, where the company has experienced a rising trend to a large extent during the past few quarters, while Lenovo is experiencing a decline, and Dell to grow as fast as you can to beat Lenovo and HP, depends on their rise to meet the needs of companies on the best face.

Said Makoto kitagawa Mikako Kitagawa, principal Analyst at Gartner in a statement: “the growth of demand on a PC in the second quarter of 2018 was driven by the demand in the labour market, which was met with a decline of shipments in the consumer sector, and the structure of the market affecting the growth of the field of the consumer due to the changes in the behavior of users of the personal computer, where consumers use their smart phones to do more daily tasks such as checking social media platforms, calendar, banks, and shopping, thereby reducing the need to PC for the consumer”.

While said Jay Chou, Jay Chou, Director of research company IDC: “even though the computers traditional may not be the default device for many usage scenarios, however, the market continues to show score flexibility in this depending on the To that the experience of using the situation to evolve and get better, and even that there are certain types of desktop computers is witnessing the growth of a mid-session update this list on a commercial activity”.

Data included IDC chromebooks Chromebook and excluded computers and Windows tablets, including devices with a detachable keyboard like the Surface Pro, while the included data Gartner tablets Windows OS based computers and excluded computers Chrome book Chromebook or any device computer, tablet, don’t depends on the Windows System.

It seems that chromebooks Chromebook has promoted the growth of some computers in the past year, as individual computers that are running Windows 10 helped to promote some growth, it is clear that Companies, The Big Five will continue to dominate the market, where it seems that sales of personal computers began to stabilize after years of decline.

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