Sales hours Huawei HUAWEI WATCH GT exceed two million units globally

Achieved hours Huawei HUAWEI WATCH GT global sales exceeded two million units since its launch last October, according to the company.

مبيعات ساعة هواوي HUAWEI WATCH GT تتجاوز مليوني وحدة عالمياً

And Huawei to a report from the company “IDC” prestigious on the strongest global companies in the region for wearable devices in the first quarter of 2019, talked about achieving the Huawei annual growth in this category increased by 282.2% compared with the same of last year, as they succeeded in selling a total of more than five million units of all its models to this class of machines to strengthen its position in the market.

According to the company, the watch it WATCH GT got widely praised and has won many international awards with its specification advanced technology, especially on the level of battery life.

The importance of that over according to the company, when studies indicate that the duration of the short run between the operations of charging the batteries represent one of the points of suffering — the main consumers of this type of device.

In order to solve the problem of Shipping, has been to provide the H Huawei WATCH GT running it, Lite OS developer itself, designed by the structure depends on the chip two to increase battery life and enable it to work for a long time before charging it again.

The company said that it helped her to run the functions of the previous full for up to two weeks between shipment and during everyday conditions usual for use with the run feature to measure heart rate, activate the function of monitoring sleep at night, exercise 90 minutes of exercise per week, and the formation of contradictions.

As she said that a study conducted earlier this year that 81% of consumers buy Huawei Watch because of battery life by a long top in its class.

One of the most important advantages and innovations that attracts consumers in this hour of Huawei:

  • Huawei technology Truseen 3.0 to monitor the heart rate throughout the day and night (24 hours) issuance of alerts detailed on the health of the user.
  • Huawei technology Trusleep 2.0 that help in the identification of six problem sleep typical and consulting and personal services necessary to improve sleep.
  • More than ten modes sports is what gives the consumer a powerful tool to follow the systems was call and schedule the training and control of his achievements.

Referred to to Huawei launched during the month of March the past two versions of the new arena is at version active at 46 mm, and the elegant size of 42 mm.

The company says it is confident of its continued growth in the market of wearable technology, especially if we look at their performance in the first quarter and its sales force on e-commerce platforms in China.

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