Sales of AMD processors Ryzen 3000 beats Intel processors in Germany

AMD Ryzen

Reaction about AMD processors Ryzen 3000 was very strong, and continued strong breakthrough may Zen that we have to engineer, “Keller” with the company AMD to the company to the forefront of the new. And despite the fact that the performance of the kernel one doesn’t outperform the Intel processor until now, however, it has become close too, as Intel ® processors provide economical options to the best. And it is worth noting that the processors Ryzen 3000 works on the technique of 7 nm from the company TSMC Taiwan.

The effect of this appeared good on the market when AMD win sales German market in the month of July and by 79% through Mindfactory (the largest store for personal computers in Germany). It’s repeated again in the month of August, and once again took control of AMD on sales of this store by 78%. And successful company Red AMD in the sale of 18 thousand processor through this store in the last month, while sold Intel only 5 thousands of a wizard.

Processor Ryzen 5 3600 class available was the best selling among these processors.

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