Sales of computers Mac reached the lowest level in seven years in the previous quarter

MacBook Pro - iMac

The Apple earlier this week to disclose its financial results for the third quarter of its fiscal year 2018, we have revealed the police that they had achieved proceeds of $ 53.3 million USD. This, of course, a great deal of money, knowing that he is greater than the amount of money you get Apple in any quarter of the third at all. However, it seems that most of the money was earned from Apple products other not from the sales of computers Mac, since the site ZDNet noted that sales of computers Mac reached in the previous quarter to the lowest level since seven years.

According to Apple itself, it has decreased the sales of computers Mac to 3.72 million units which is a decrease of 13% compared to the same quarter last year. It is unclear why sales of the Mac is very bad in this quarter in particular, but it has been speculate that it may be due to the failure to upgrade the lineup of computers, and perhaps also because of the high prices for installation of MacBook Pro laptops with the terms of the Touch Bar.

While the MacBook Air an appropriate choice for those with limited budgets, have not been promoted since more than a year, but we heard recently that Apple is planning to launch a new version of the MacBook Air later this year. There are also problems in the keyboard MacBook Pro that have been lawsuits against the company because of it, which may lead in turn to drive away potential customers from buying it.

When it comes to computers Mac desktop, Apple launched the iMac Pro, but again its high price makes it inaccessible to a large proportion of customers. Also, do not upgrade computers, iMac for more than a year, which may make some customers trust the following translation. However, after the upgrade the MacBook Pro and rumors of the upgraded iMac and MacBook Air later this year, maybe it will be next quarter for Apple is the best when it comes to sex on the computer.


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