Sales of Fish and smart to exceed 200 billion pieces this year

Company expects research and analysis Canalys to exceed the number of the heavens and the smart home sold this year the barrier of 200 million devices.

Include Google, Amazon, Apple, the largest dominants on this market where it is expected that the jumps in the number of its organs may from 114 million to over 207 million devices this year compared to last year increase of over 82%.

It is expected to continue to the fish market of smart growth to exceed the number of its users, users of the tablet by the year 2021 would total to 600 million users.

At the level of the world the United States of America of the most used and prevalent headphones smart is expected to grow about 46% this year, but the biggest growth will be in Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan with a growth rate ranging between 130-166%. In the European continent, Canada, the growth ranged from 47-80%.

In Asian countries controlled devices Chinese companies on the market like Tmall Genie from Ali Baba and Xiao AI by Shao and DuerOS from Baidu.

Finally expected to reach the scale of the fish market of smart to about $ 11.8 million by the year 2023.

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