Sales of headphones and hours Apple may exceed the sales of Mac and iPad!

Sales of the Apple TV for wearable devices like Apple Watch smart headphones AirPods in addition to accessories is about to exceed the sales of the devices antique: Macs, iPad by 2020, according to monitoring website 9to5Mac, citing local economists.

مبيعات سماعات وساعات آبل قد تتجاوز مبيعات أجهزة ماك والآيباد!

Sales of headphones and hours Apple may exceed the sales of Mac and iPad!

Apple doesn’t disclose sales of its devices wearable, but analysts were able to figure it out through “tracking the financial model for the Apple TV” as they called them to get a clearer picture of those sales.

Now check Apple’s annual revenues of $ 16 million from sales of its devices wearable by the growth of up to 60%, if we put this in mind you will exceed the sales of Mac, iPad with by the end of 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the sales of phones iPhone is the main source of income for more than half of its revenue followed by Revenue Services which include the App Store and the iCloud and Apple TV, musical, etc.

What helps the growth of hardware sales Apple wearable is a fanbase for the products of Apple that give the file path user, and the fact that wearable devices function integration with Apple devices within the Apple TV system as a whole.

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