Sales of Huawei phones will overtake Samsung by 2020

In spite of its Huawei is currently going through some rough times because of the security problems related to its ad hoc network mobile, the company has succeeded to achieve the rate of sales of phones excellent amounted to 206 million units in 2018.

The beginning of November 2018, has grown the share of Huawei’s market share in the category of flagship phones rise in price about 600$(2,250 SAR) to 12%, where it remains currently in second place globally among the largest handset manufacturers with a market share of 14.7% of the global market.

huawei logo

huawei logo

Accept Huawei is currently behind Apple, which controls 14.9% of the global market, while Samsung is the dominant structure by a 20.8% share of the global market, but the Chinese company is planning to overcome in the future.

According to the latest leaks, select Huawei recently its goal of achieving global sales of 250 million phones this year, which requires a growth by 21%, before reaching the goal of shipping 300 million units in 2020.

This comes at a time Samsung’s decline of 8% charge to 292 million only one last year, while the sales of the Apple TV 292 million units, a decrease of 3.2%, what gives Huawei the opportunity to get a larger market share of the phone industry world.

This it is reported that Huawei excels deservedly in the Chinese market with a market share of 26.4% after selling more than 105 million units out there, followed by all of Obi increased by 19.8% then Vivo by 19.1% share by 13.1%, and then Apple finally increased by 9.1% of the phone market China, where Huawei plans underway to improve their production capacities to reach their objectives.

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