Sales of the Galaxy S9 break the barrier of 1 million units in South Korea

galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 is the latest smart phone from Samsung. According to a new report recently released from the location of The Investor, it appears that Samsung confirmed recently that the sales of the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 broke the barrier of 1 million units in South Korea. Of course, these large sales you may want to many of companies in its investigation, but it seems sales are low in comparison with the Galaxy S8.

The report issued from The Investor that the Samsung phones leading the old such as the Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S2 managed to break the barrier of 1 million units in a short amount of time. For example, achieved Galaxy S8 that much of the sales in 37 days while worked phone Galaxy S2 in achieving these sales within 40 days. It is not clear what is the reason that phones Galaxy S9 takes all this time to reach that amount of sales, but it seems that this is in line with an earlier report indicated that sales of the Galaxy S9 in South Korea is ” very low “.

It could be the smartphone market is saturated so brands and models are different. It is also likely to lead to the increasing number of Chinese manufacturers to push more consumers to buy the Chinese smartphone that combines powerful specs and tempting price instead of buying high-end Smartphones from prestigious companies such as Samsung. In both cases, we assume that the Galaxy S9 may took a longer time to reach the barrier of one million units, but this is still an impressive achievement.

Maybe phone Galaxy S10 will be in the interest of the consumers of the new Samsung phones high-end due to recent rumors hinted that it will have a new design, may include sensor fingerprint in the screen which will make it more attractive to consumers.


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