Sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max under peak levels, it is expected to slow down in the early

iPhone XS Max

With the two phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple moving to larger screens, a movement has demonstrated its success significantly. Apple did not stop there but had to increase the size of the screen in smart phones, with the phone iPhone XS Max to 6.5 inch for the first time ever in the history of the company, but the allegations received from the supply chain suggest that Apple will not be able to repeat the same success.

I didn’t check the first batch of phones iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max the same amount of sales compared to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The intention of the specialists in the sector to the high price of the phone iPhone XS Max desirable, and relative to the phone iPhone XS.

Some argue that the initial sales that harvested the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is slower than metal, which suggests that future sales will be below expectations. If it already happened, you’ll tell Apple to reduce their own requests to the phones iPhone XS in the same way that she has done so with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7.

Phone will be launched iPhone XR in the month of October next divided opinions about its success. Some analysts believe that it will end, but insiders on the situation in the supply chain believe that the features of the iPhone XR is comparable with the Android phones high-end.

Going to be the Chinese version of the phone iPhone the XR with the two company’s SIM card, a feature which is very popular in China with the knowledge that this is the first time that Apple include this feature in its smart phones. However, if it gets the trade war between the United States and China, it may not be enough to increase their sales.

Deal Apple TV already with the low sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X compared with the iPhone 6, so this decline in sales over the next year. However, some companies have started the supplied libraries feel the pain of the arrangements, lower than anticipated with a decline of net profit. For example, the profits of the company Foxconn in the first half of this year dropped by 9.42 percent compared with the same period last year.



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