Sales shy of the theory of Magic Leap One, army and the second by 2020 (report)

مبيعات خجولة لنظارة Magic Leap One وجيلها الثاني خلال عام 2020 (تقرير)

After that, the company Magic Leap launched its first product from the augmented reality glasses Magic Leap One, it seems that the second generation of the car on his way to get through the next year but under the sales shy of the first generation.

As noted in the report of The Information that the company has sold only 6000 units of the system during the six months following its launch in the market, disappointing expectations of the company and CEO Rony Abovitz access to 100 thousand units sold during the same period, according to the former American company.

In the same context, reports indicate that capacity Magic Leap Launch System equipped with the touch fifth-generation and data-level show in the screen options, colors and more with reducing the sky and also time; however, nominations tend towards the launch of a second generation similar to the system the first generation with slight modifications.

From its part, police responded to the report of The Information that the absurdity and accuracy of the information false and misleading, but that at the same time can’t judge a company through the production line system of reality.

Knowing that they are already experiencing currently so that their products did not reach to the desired and noise presented alone in the market as the most advanced and in line with the needs of users; in addition to take into account the strong competition the level of major companies as Visa Facebook, Apple and Microsoft in a market that is growing very quickly.


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