Sama Saudi launches digital payments

مؤسسة النقد السعودي تطلق خدمة المدفوعات الرقمية

Announced Saudi Arabian monetary agency “Sam” from its launch to serve digital payments which will contribute to the public support and buy with ease via their smartphone through the e-wallet for each of them.

Published founder in tweet on a social media account Twitter, saying, “in a move to develop the e-Commerce Industry and enable digitally, was the launch of digital payments to facilitate the payment and purchase through the activation of the service portfolio of digital and mobile. It was behind this achievement all of the Saudi Arabian monetary Agency, the Ministry of communications and information representative of the unit of digital transformation”

The move to add users in Saudi Arabia more Digital Solutions special support, as it will provide payment services to a number of well-known, such as: Google, eBay, Apple pay, and other electronic payment services, which will in turn put forward more options to users commensurate with their needs.

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